Monday, July 2, 2007

Rain Rain and more Rain.... Yep it is raining, again. Last Thursday the kids started finding worms crawling across the living room carpet. This was a mystery because we have never seen worms in the house. These were big night crawlers, too. Friday I was sitting next to a floor vent talking to my oldest, when the AC kicked on and I heard a drippy sound. I quickly whipped the vent cover off and sure enough water was in the vent. I called my dad and consulted with my husband on what to do. They suggested that we use a shop vac, which I had to borrow. But I ended up vacuuming out 140 gallons of water from my floor vent, Yuck! The water was surprisingly clean except for a few rocks, a hand full of Lego's and a Barbie shoe. The rain has just soaked the round to depths I could not have imagined. So when we have an extra $3000 dollars we will fill in all of our floor vents and have them mounted in the ceiling. The bad news is that as I sit here, I can hear the vent dripping again.

Good deal alert: I found a gallon size freezer bag of Polly Pocket stuff at a garage sale Saturday and it was only $3. My lovely daughters have been playing Polly non stop since I brought it home! I love garage sales.


BreAnne said...

wow i never even thought about below floor vents flooding, im glad you noticed it before it got the carpet

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I'm from Seattle so I know how you feel. I recently found that the large storage closet in our basement is a wet mold factory. How do I know this? Because everything we were storing in there was ruined by the mold. Now we are just waiting for the lease to run out so we can run out.

PJ said...

Isn't this rain crazy? We have mushrooms growing in our grass..In July!

Hope you like Chocolate Gravy.

Enjoy this great holiday with your beautiful family!

Misty said...

Not more rain!! How will you EVER dry out???!!!