Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have experienced my first earthquake. It was really a surprise. It was 2am and I was nursing little Elvis and I felt the bed shimmy. Later that day, well the evening of that same day, there was a larger earthquake and all of the kids were awake and able to feel it. I live in an area where earthquakes are extremely rare. So I had no intention of experiencing an earthquake ever. It was an adventure. I have to study what safety precautions to take during an earthquake. It has been the talk of the town that last few weeks.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Glimmers of light!!

Today is my 3?th birthday. It has been great!! I have been in class most of the day with lab-Animal Biology and Lecture- Physiology. But I have received many surprise birthday wishes from friends and family!! I am feeling blessed today. I love how my kids do little things to make the day extra special. I love my parents visiting. I love getting gifts...voice recorder for school and money!! I used the voice recorder tonight. I am excite to use it, I hope it helps my grades. I am enjoying everything.

It is funny how just a simple acknowledgement of your birthday can bring a delight to your soul. Little bits of light just beam through all the stresses and frustrations. Light even glimmers are a good thing!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glasses for me!

Well I have been noticing in the last few months that I have not been able to see the power points in lecture very well. So I finally went to the Optometrist and surprise I needed glasses. I have to wear them all of the time, which I must say is a challenge. I felt really trapped at first but now I am getting used to it. I have had them for 5 days. I got them last Saturday.

The weird thing is that no one really notices that I am wearing glasses. Or maybe they notice but they look weird and no one has the guts to say so. I think that they are pretty. My Darling Daughter helped me choose. It is fun to shop with her now that she is bigger. Anyway I went to church and no one said anything. I come to school and not a word is said about my glasses. I guess everyone assumes that I wear glasses. I am not sure what it is but I do think that it is strange.

One thing that is hard to get used to is the movement of the room through the glasses. I am not sure why but the lenses bend the light and it causes me to have a floaty affect. It is getting better the longer I wear them though. It is all good!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now it is time to rethink the whole schedule!!

Well this semester has been difficult to say the least. It feels like I am juggling more than ever but only getting mediocrity. So, in the last two weeks I have had test in both lecture classes and lab classes. The results where only average I got a A, a B and 2 C's. That is just unacceptable!! Well the A of course is OK but I am at least a straight B student. My major problem is lack of study time. Since I have had the baby my ability to stay up and study at night is gone. I just cannot keep my eyes open. I will be reading and the next thing I know my head is bobbing. Ugg, it is so frustrating. And because school starts so early for the little angel, we all have to get up earlier. So there is no extra time in the morning. Plus if I get up and out of the bed and the little guy wakes up and sees me out of bed, he is awake. So the dilemma is when to study. The days are full of classes for me and the kids. The evenings just fly by. I hate to have to leave the house any more than I have to. I really need to get a part time job but my schedule is pretty full.

The solution- I have started making the kids go to bed at 8:30. They do not have to go to sleep but they do have to read for a little bit. Then they can play quietly till lights out. This helps me start home work earlier. So far it is great!! But I will continue to modify our schedule until it is functional, productive and supportive of a happy house hold.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What is new......lots!!

The last year has been evolutionary. We began last year same as always. But then in April Scot lost his job. The next week we found out that I was pregnant. So I spent the summer with morning sickness. It was terrible morning sickness, too. I have been planning on applying pharmacy school but it keeps getting pushed back. It is so frustrating!! For a few years Scot has complained of neck pain. Last, March he was in a car wreck and had a neck injury. We settled with the insurance company and went on. We were broke b/c of the layoff. His neck was causing him so much pain. I knew it was bad when he said that it was hurting worse than his back!! His back hurts so much I don't know how he has functioned for the last few years. So this year he had surgery the first of August. It turned out that his neck pain was from two herniated discs. Well, he has several herniated discs but the doctor felt that the two he removed were the main trouble makers. Since then he said the migraine type pain that wrapped around his head was better. I guess he has had a little relief. Last week though he has had pain and burning in the lower part of his head which is associated with neck injuries. Because he is in such .... Oh wait, he also needs ankle surgery from an old injury. It has been hurting alot, too. But due to the large amounts of pain he is in daily we are going to file for disability. He just cannot go back to work. The most frustrating part is that his pain is so out of control. I wish there were more pain med. options or other treatments. He just suffers so much.

Needless to say we knew this day was coming. His back has been bad for along time. But I am just not prepared to be the bread winner just yet. I am still in school and will be for quite a while. I have 3 kids that I home school. I have an amazing little guy who needs a mom. I am feeling frustrated, scared and sad. Sad to loose my time with the kids. I love being with them. Each one is fun and amazing in their own way. They are the best!!! I am not sure where to go from this point. I should be looking for a job but how?? Between the kids school, my school and the baby. I am booked.

It is hard to write and catch up in just one post. I will try to keep a little more active. Hope all is good where you are!!