Monday, March 26, 2012

Lil' Elvis

I have not had a calendar this year to record all of the milestones of my little guy. I thought that I might record some of them here. He is such a good and patient little fellow. He has just gotten his 6th and 7th teeth in the last 2 weeks. He has been noticing that we pray at different times during the day. So now he will fold his little arms at any random moment and we have to say a prayer with him. We pray when he puts trash in the trash bin, when he falls down or when he is walking stops folds his arms and gives you the uh, uh, uh....which means we must pray. It is actually quite comical. Big J and Lil E keep saying he is a spiritual little guy. I just remind them that all of them were that way, too.

We got him his first pair of new shoes this past Thursday. He has been wearing these soft little shoes like a moccasin. But Thursday we bought him some super flexible tennis shoes Adidas, I think. He was so funny. He walked around like a cat with tape on its feet. He did stumble around quite a bit getting used to them. But finally he did adjust and is doing better.

I have given him 2 hair cuts. The first one was in January the day after the little angels birthday party. He is so cute but looks a little shaggy if his locks get long. The first time he played with my make up and did not mind me cutting but this time he kept pushing my hands away from his little head. I did finish but it was not as tidy I would have liked. But he looks so cute!!!