Saturday, July 14, 2007

The movies and Baby girl..

This past week for a summer time fun activity I thought that I would try to take all of the kids including my 2 1/2 year old to the movies. This was going to be her first movie. We decided to go and see Ratatouille a film that is almost 2 hours. We picked the earliest showing so hopefully it would not be swamped with viewers, unfortunately wall to wall viewers. SO here are some handy hints when taking a two year old to movie.

1. Arrive at least 20 minutes early - So you can choose where you want to sit and have plenty of time to get everyone to use the bathroom.

2. Sit in the back row or at least as far back as you can - That way when she or he starts to complain to much you have an easy and fast way out. We sat second from the front.

3. Bring your own snacks - I don't like to break the rules and I know the sign says "no outside food or drinks" but I think this is more of a guide line than a rule. Bring your big purse and fill it with at least 5 different snacks. It saves you a ton of money and gives your little angel something to be busy with.

4. Go a head and buy a drink - it cost a bundle to, so you have to time it right. You get the drink when the movie is about half over. That way the drink can entertain for a few minutes and when empty open the lid and let em' play with the ice.

5. Flashlight - find the smallest flash light possible and let them hold it. I think the ones on key chains work great. This gives them their own little light. Hopefully good for 20 min.

6. Time it right - Pick a showing that is not nap time. My daughter is transitioning out of naps. However, she still gets tired some day and cranky so try for a time slot that is not when they would take a late nap.

7. Change - If you are going to the lobby be prepared. It is a game room at our theater and so my daughter was constantly playing on them and wanting a penny. She did not realize the machines required money and was content playing the demo. Unfortunately, she watched a couple of really cute boys playing the crane game and figured out that they need a penny or two. I like to play video game so I plopped her in my lap and we raced a few laps. This was fun until my $1.50 worth of change ran out. She complained.

8. Movie choice - try if at all possible to go to a movie that is just over an hour long so you don't have to spend a hour in the lobby with the grumpy angel.

9. Try bringing a small blanket - I didn't try this one but I think it might have helped.

The best advice is if at all possible give it a year - the other children did really well at three years old but 2 is just 2 young for my little angel.

This was the first movie I have been to in . . . . I think about 5 -6 years. It was fun to go with the kids but what an adventure.


Montserrat said...

I took my two oldest to Harry Potter 5 yesterday but had to take the baby (8 months) too. Fortunately it was his naptime and he slept through most of it. The rest of the time was spent walking up and down the aisle with him.

Mom not Mum said...

When they get a little older I've always found that buying the little kids popcorn/drink/candy thing works well. Something about having that all to themselves makes them feel all grown up and ready to sit through a movie. (I bring candy and plastic bags to split it up now though.)

Misty said...

I think the first I took Hannah and Ian was when Polar Express came out. I think Ian was two 1/2 or 3 1/2. When we went, I think it was 10am or so, and the theater was dead. We did sit in the very front, but there were stairs off to the side. Ian sat on the stairs for 1/2 the show, and scooted around when he pleased. It was such a delight to see the joy on their faces and glow in their eyes as they watched Santa! That was one of my most favorite movie experiences!

utmommy said...

Movies with the little ones are so difficult. You've got some good pointers!

mcgrigor said...

Great list. My kids love the movies. Have yet to take my 2 year old yet. Thanks for stopping by my blog (Stay at home in Suburbia)-I'm an LDS home mom too! Happy Tuesday!