Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas music!

I have been looking for something special for all my bloggie friend for Christmas. I really hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. May your holiday be filled with the true joy of Christmas.

Best wishes, Inga

A gift for you

Friday, December 21, 2007

On my feet!

This is one of those days where I did not get to sit down except for riding in the car. It was last day of school before Christmas break. Usually the last day of school before a holiday we have a pizza day at school. Well being the kind soul that I am, I volunteered for this position. Anyway the day went a little like this...
Woke up late at 7:10, quickly showered,brushed my teeth and wrapped my hair in a towel.
7:30 wake up kids 7:45 get them breakfast.
8:00 get the kids dressed
8:02 run to bathroom and dry hair while kids get dressed
8:15 brush kids hair
8:20 get the little ones dressed (2 years and 5 years)
8:30 put make up on and get dressed
8:35 Everyone puts on coats and backpacks
8:40 Go get in the car
8:48 Drop off kids at school
9:00 Go back home to brush the little ones hair and get laptop, movies and toy
9:15 go buy 9 bags of ice
9:25 go to school and start unloading ice and pop(you bought last night at 10:30)roughly 30-12packs.
10:00 set up tables and chairs
10:15 sort any late order forms
10:30 put order forms in teachers cubbies (all of the other 300+ order forms were sorted by my DH last night while I worked)
10:45 pizza arrives and the wonderful ladies who volunteer to work with me
11:00 classes start coming to cafeteria
Serving the pizza goes like this
-the teachers return the order forms to the kids
-the kids line up for pizza and turn in the form with what they ordered
-one nice lady tells the orders while another one fills the order ( we actually have two people doing both of these jobs so it goes pretty fast)
-After getting the pizza they pick up their pop from the iced down swimming pool

We get about 5 minutes of break between classes coming in. During which time we collect empty boxes and reload our pizza serving table. It is a fast and furious job but the kids love it, and that is why I do it.

We usually serve our last pizza at 12:45 but today I did not order enough pizza. We actually ran out. I had to call and order 9 more pizzas. The worst part was that it was for the kindergartners. :-( Their teachers were really nice and let them do recess first. When the pizzas arrived they came and ate. It turned out ok because the teachers said that they had doughnuts for snacks earlier and weren't that hungry yet. I still felt terrible!!!! So they finally ate lunch at 1:25.
1:45 finished clean up of pizza day
2:00 went to E's play - WWII play really good. My little guy sang his heart out!
3:00 finally head to the door to go home
3:10 forgot paper work had to go back in school
3:20 leave school and go home
3:30 home and happy to see hubby home early
3:38 kids come home (we live close and they like to walk on nice days)
3:39 pick up my oldest from school (he's on safety patrol)
3:50 home again
4:00 help get them snacks
4;20 get ready for work
4:30 I get a snack
4:40 go to work
4:55 clock in
5:00 - 10:00 stand behind register and check people out (occasionally a Scrooge or 2)
10:15 home at last
10:30 on computer reading bloggy things
10:45 posting

Thanks for reading this oddly shaped blog.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Icy weather!

This past week my family and I have survived an ice storm. The ice coated the tree limbs so badly that even the largest trees were loosing branches left and right. We lost electricity for about 5 days. We survived by the heat of our fire place and candle light. It was certainly an adventure but all in all. It was fun. We played games and read books. We spent some time with family. We finally went and bought a generator which ran the heater and lights. I have to admit, I did miss the heater but what I really missed was light. The days were cloudy and the nights were coal black. We had lots of candles and lanterns but the darkness still loomed in the room.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

School and work

Well, I am now employed. I started working for a local Home decor store. I work mostly in the evenings (every night I am not at school) and no Sundays. I have been swamped but my burden is made light by my DH. I love how much he pitches in when I am so busy. The kids are doing there part as well. It is only for about 4 - 6 weeks. I am temporary and grateful. I realize that it is fun to get out and help people but I miss the family time.

School is almost over for this semester. My last day is next Wednesday. Yeah!! I am going to enjoy Christmas break.