Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glasses for me!

Well I have been noticing in the last few months that I have not been able to see the power points in lecture very well. So I finally went to the Optometrist and surprise I needed glasses. I have to wear them all of the time, which I must say is a challenge. I felt really trapped at first but now I am getting used to it. I have had them for 5 days. I got them last Saturday.

The weird thing is that no one really notices that I am wearing glasses. Or maybe they notice but they look weird and no one has the guts to say so. I think that they are pretty. My Darling Daughter helped me choose. It is fun to shop with her now that she is bigger. Anyway I went to church and no one said anything. I come to school and not a word is said about my glasses. I guess everyone assumes that I wear glasses. I am not sure what it is but I do think that it is strange.

One thing that is hard to get used to is the movement of the room through the glasses. I am not sure why but the lenses bend the light and it causes me to have a floaty affect. It is getting better the longer I wear them though. It is all good!!