Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Studebaker memories...

I come from a long line of Studebaker lovers. When I was a little girl I remember riding with my great grandma in her Studebaker. I sat up front in the middle right next to her. I was small and could not see out of the windows so I spent most of my time watch a little plastic mouse swing on her key chain. Everything in the car was classic 1950's design. The nobs silver and shiny some were silver with black caps. The steering wheel was huge and when ever I had the chance I would climb in the wheel and sit. I was driving that old Studie with my feet dangling. The car was atleast 15 years old then and had a musty smell but I loved riding with my Nanny. She drove that car until she wasn't able to drive any more. Then my aunt drove it and I am not sure where it is now but that car was my first Studebaker dream.

As a teenager my brother was bitten by the Studebaker bug. His first car was a Studie. He spent hours repairing and repairing that car. It was what we rode to school in for at least a year or two. I got to tell ya if you want to have a car worth talking about get a 1950 anything. Everyone will ask what year is that?

I am not sure why Studebaker's where on my mind today but it was fun remembering!
P.S. The picture is a Studebaker Lark the same car that my Nanny drove, in black just like hers.

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