Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I've been tagged!

7 Random things about me:

1. I broke my arm when I was 9 years old.

2. I took jazz, tap and ballet for two years in high school. Then I took ballroom for another two years. I love ballroom dancing wish I knew more.

3. I love coconut cream pie.

4. I know how to do sign language. I can say alot but they have to go very slowly for me to understand them.

5. I am starting a pre school in my home this month. It will also include a mothers day out.

6. I am a good listener.

7. My favorite fast food is Taco Bueno.

Thanks Holly for tagging me.

I am tagging:
Dizzy Diaz Days
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Monkey Around
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Friday, October 26, 2007

I am the lucky one.

It has been one of those weeks, when 3 of your 5 kids are sick and missing school every other day. You are constantly exhausted from wiping runny noses and making soup. The house is falling behind and you need a shower. Your littlest one is whining about everything and you are "all done" with all the sickness. You find a minute to sneak a way and blog, grateful for the peace and quiet. Still delirious you try to post but the two minutes you have been typing is interrupted by a little angel asking for drink. You manage to calmly agree to fill her cup and as you head to the kitchen, a little hand wraps around two of your fingers. All at once you realize that you are the lucky one. You are the lucky one who gets to wipe the runny noses and comfort them when they are feeling so badly. You are the lucky one who gets to love these little children. You are the lucky one because they bless your life SO much. You are the lucky one who gets to enjoy the warm feeling that fills you heart with joy by the simple thought of their smiling faces.

I am the lucky one.

Friday, October 19, 2007

What kind of experience are you having?

Life, well, has been crazy. I am running around and getting lots done. I am happy to see that I have accomplished so much. But as I look to the way side I see the lost moments of bonding with my husband, playing with my children, just keeping the house in an organized manner or tending to my spiritual needs.

I was watching a religious program on TV. It was put on by a local church but not the LDS church. I spent time listening while I folded laundry. It was great. I really enjoyed hearing the women share their testimonies of Christ. They were firm in their beliefs of Our Savior. It really was a blessing to my spirit. They spent some of the time sharing that we need to be still and listen to the spirit. This was just an echo of what our prophet has stated in recent years. They ladies then discussed life and how we perceive it. As they continued my mind was drawn back to a quote "We are not earthly beings having a spiritual experience. We are SPIRITUAL beings having an earthly experience." Yes,I know that is not exactly right but you have heard something similar. I realized that lately I have been living the earthly experience seeking for that spiritual experience. It really has been an awakening for me. I am not sure exactly what I am going to do to make the change but I am sure enlightenment is the first step. So I ask, what kind of experience are you having?

Friday, October 12, 2007

What's up!

My husband switched companies this year, and so all of our insurance has been in limbo while waiting for the grace period to end. The new insurance became available to us in September. Which is great except they needed copies of our marriage license and all of the kiddo's birth certificates. I lost our marriage license years ago and I never ordered my baby girl's birth certificate. So we have been with out access to health insurance because I had to wait for the certificate to come. I finally received the certificate yesterday and so today I went down town to get a copy of our marriage license.

I don't go down town often because it is, well, scary. Downtown is where homeless people live (sad) and people are robbed. It is also hard to navigate. Some streets are one way while others are two way. I just get mixed up and I can tell you that I have driven the wrong way on a one way street more than once. The two little ones I took with me were thrilled by the height of the buildings and the new scenery. It was actually pretty fun. I wish that I had taken my camera. Everything went perfectly until we left on the two way street and ended up on a one way that was heading to a highway. It was all OK until I realized once on the highway that I was headed in the wrong direction. So I am having anxiety I am running a little late and I am headed in the wrong direction. I called my dad and he told me that the highway would have an exit that I could follow home. Yay for dad's!! It did and I got back just in time to take lunch to my lovely daughter at school.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Parking Lot Lessons

A couple of weeks ago I had gone to the local Walmart to by groceries. I had finished my shopping and was loading them into the suburban. When an older gentleman asked if he could help me load my dog food. (I had bought the 44 lb bag and it was below the basket on the flat) I looked at him, surprised because no one has volunteered to help before, and said nothing. I stood there thinking. Trying to decide if it is a good idea to let a stranger into my personal space. I thinking he could be a bad guy or just a really nice guy. I thought to myself that it was the middle of the day and if I screamed someone would help me. In the mean time trying to listen to the spirit for warning. I guess I stood there for a good 10 seconds with a questioning look on my face. Finally, he said "I don't have to, it just looked like you could use some help." I agreed to accept his kind assistance. He really did help me alot, those big bags of dog food get hung up on the carts. I held the basket while he wrangled the bag loose. If I had to do it myself, it would have taken a good 10 minutes and I probably would have ripped the bag. I thanked him but not enough. Is it terrible that a nice older gentleman asked if I needed help and I have to think it over?

Today at the grocery store, we had finished shopping and were leaving the store. Two big noisy boys, they may have been 23 years old, started spouting profanities about how much they had spent in Walmart. So I started walking slower to allow some space between their fowl mouths and my children's ears. I finally had to stop and wait for a few minutes because they had gotten so loud. Unfortunately, for me they had parked right next to me. I noticed that someone had approached them and that they were lost in conversation. The swearing a quieted and so I made a dash for the car hoping to get the kids in before anything else was said.

They stood there talking to the third man for quite some time. I was quickly unloading my basket and I could over hear their discussion. The tone of their voices had changed and they sounded almost sympathetic to the questions of the third man. I was surprised when I heard them discussing Jesus Christ. (We live in bible belt USA and so we have frequent encounters with independent missionaries asking if we have been "saved.") The third man was going from car to car asking and hoping to convert someone to accept Jesus in their lives. The miracle here is that flamingly boisterous boys turned quiet and gentle when brought to the discussions of Jesus Christ. It was a good lesson.

It is amazing the lessons taught in the Walmart parking lot.