Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

This week I think I will do thirteen things from around the house that I love other than my husband and children. Thanks PJ!

1. My Kitchen Aide Mixer - I got the one with the 6 quart bowl so I can make triple batches of cookies in one bowl.

2. Electrasol Dish Tabs - I love the tab, no mess.

3. My Kirby Vacuum - my Kirby was a Christmas gift about two years ago, The best vacuum ever

4. Downy - the April Fresh Scent. It reminds me of my childhood and love how soft the towels are.

5. Bread Maker - Just handy

6. Cooking Themometer with handy oven probe.

7. Surround Sound - I put it in for my DH for Fathers Day and it really makes a difference.

8. Digital Camera- it has changed the way I take pictures, Love it.

9. Steamer - My sister gave it to me for Christmas and it is awesome. It makes it easy for me to keep every one's clothes wrinkle free and it is so fast.

10. Glade Apple Cinnamon anything - I love their candles and plug-ins. I am just an apple fresh girl.

11. Mona Vie - it is a juice, that gives you the nutrient and vitamins of 5 fruits in 1/4 cup serving. It is yummy and makes me feel energized.

12. Tins - you know like cracker tins or cookie tins. I collect them and place them in the kitchen above the cabinets. When was growing up my Nanny had old tins that she would paint and use for containers. I just love things that make me nostalgic.

13. My Mattress - It rocks. We got it a year and a half ago but I love climbing into bed every night! It is a Lady Americana King size with the Memory Foam topper. I even day dream of going to bed because of that mattress.

From my list I gather that I spent alot of time in the kitchen. You would think I'd be a better cook. ;-)


Montserrat said...

I love my Kitchen Aid too! I had a bread machine in college which my roommates had a love/hate relationship with. Four of them were cheerleaders and had to watch their weight so they hated it when I made bread unless it was the day after their weigh-ins.

BreAnne said...

inga i dont believe you can be a better cook unless you got a fancy smancy new oven or something