Saturday, July 7, 2007

The "Zone"

I have started running and it is starting to get easier. I have done lots lately to stay in shape but running for a mile strait is difficult. I still get winded and have to walk part but I can run 3/4 of the mile strait so I am almost to the mile mark. The last time I ran I was in the "Zone". You know when you are driving home from church or work and you realize that you are almost home and you don't remember driving the last 5 miles. You were in the "zone". I had that experience when I was running. I had run about two blocks and before I knew it I was at the half mile mark and I was feeling great. I hope that means my body is adjusting to the riggers of running and giving me break. Ya hoo! By the way girl in picture not me, she is much to thin! ;-)


Misty said...

Ah YES, exercise goals. I have those, too, especially since I want to be pregnant again in a couple months. I'll have to let you know of my progress....... so far, not so great. **tee-hee**

Montserrat said...

Before we moved a couple of years ago I'd jog out to the mailbox and back. It was exactly 1/2 mile from our house through the field to our mailbox. My goal was to be able to jog there and back without stopping which I was finally able to do. Don't ask me to do it now though. I'm out of practice.