Thursday, July 5, 2007

Great family time..

Yesterday was a great day. We spent the day with my husbands Aunt and Uncles with all of their children and grand children. We swam in the pool and grilled burgers and hot dogs. His Aunt and cousins are amazing cooks so everything was delicious. I have been wanting pie lately so I made a Coconut Cream Pie. It was so good! I usually bake the crust but my oven is not working so swell but for a stove top pie, Yumm!!!

The kids lit fireworks and played the whole day. I took a pinata that we made. I have a really hard time predicting the break ability of a pinata. You want the pinata to last long enough that everyone gets a turn to hit it but not so long that you spend hours waiting for it to break. This one was OK , everyone had two turns batting until finally the rope broke through the top. Then we just dumped it.

Sorry no pictures, forgot to take the camera. :-(

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Misty said...

Nothing like a good old homemade pinata!!