Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have experienced my first earthquake. It was really a surprise. It was 2am and I was nursing little Elvis and I felt the bed shimmy. Later that day, well the evening of that same day, there was a larger earthquake and all of the kids were awake and able to feel it. I live in an area where earthquakes are extremely rare. So I had no intention of experiencing an earthquake ever. It was an adventure. I have to study what safety precautions to take during an earthquake. It has been the talk of the town that last few weeks.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Glimmers of light!!

Today is my 3?th birthday. It has been great!! I have been in class most of the day with lab-Animal Biology and Lecture- Physiology. But I have received many surprise birthday wishes from friends and family!! I am feeling blessed today. I love how my kids do little things to make the day extra special. I love my parents visiting. I love getting gifts...voice recorder for school and money!! I used the voice recorder tonight. I am excite to use it, I hope it helps my grades. I am enjoying everything.

It is funny how just a simple acknowledgement of your birthday can bring a delight to your soul. Little bits of light just beam through all the stresses and frustrations. Light even glimmers are a good thing!!