Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen thing's I randomly wish....

1. The house stayed clean

2. Groceries magically appeared when ever you needed them.

3. I had lost those last 10 pounds.

4. My husband did not have to work so hard.

5. I was finished with school.

6. I could be ready for the triathlon, NOW! - every year I watch the Iron Man triathlon in Hawaii and I get motivated to run. The Iron Man is a little out there but did some research and found that there shorter triathlons. I am going for the Sprint version which is the shorter type - swim 1/3 mile, bike - 15 miles and run-3 miles (much more reasonable than the Iron Man - swim 3-miles, bike - 125 miles and run 26-miles).

7. I would not find any more gray hairs - found about 15 so far.

8. The dog would stop shedding.

9. The ocean was closer

10. I was a scripture master.

11. I had new tires for the trucks.

12. My two good friends weren't moving - I know they have to follow the Lords direction but I am sure going to miss them.

13. Money to share.

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