Sunday, May 6, 2007


I took my final on Tuesday and I think that I did pretty well. Overall in the class I should have an A or B. I will find out tomorrow. I'll let ya know.

We went to our ward(church) picnic last night. It was at a park on the North side (in our city the north side is scary). We decided to go because it was with the church so everything should be OK. We did a quick evaluation of the park and decided that it looked nice and clean. We had lots of fun and good food! The kids played on the toys, the teens and the men played softball, and the women shared good conversation. It started to get dark and we were all discussing that it was about time to go when we heard what sounded like fire works, WELL they weren't!!! All of the sudden, all of the softball players were coming back. My husband quickly came to me and said it was time to go, "did you hear the gun shots?" He said it was a drive by shooting and thank heaven no one was hurt. We discussed on the ride home how we are so blessed to live in an area where we are safe or at least we feel that way. It made me think of families who live in dangerous neighborhoods where shootings are common. I guess I live in a pretty sheltered world, a place where I "think" my family is safe. I think that for me it is a matter of faith. Faith that we are put here for a purpose and that the Lord will bless us and keep us. It is pretty simple but it gives me sanity in this crazy wonderful world.

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