Friday, June 1, 2007

Family Night..

We spent some time playing out side. The pools are open and all of the kids want to go. However, once they touch that cold water my two girls will be ready to go. SO they opted to jump on the trampoline and let mom spray them with the water hose. They still had lots of fun! They all look so cute in their swim suits. I hope I fair as well. The baby girl is saying cheese. J is makin' a crazy face. E is was being bashful. M is gorgeous and C, he is just cheezin'.

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T * R * B said...

That is funny about the water being cold cause I filled up Torins old sand box with water and it was way cold but he wanted to kinda play in it just not sit in it. It also was funny that he had this complex that he did not want to wear his swim suit or underwear while in the water. He did not want to get them wet. :)