Friday, May 18, 2007

Family night..

..we roasted marshmallows on the grill for dessert. It was fun and messy. The charcoal was not quite hot enough to do anything but melt them. We could not even get them to turn golden. We still ate enough of them to fill us up. My baby girl is at that stage where clothes are not important to her plus she doesn't mind showing off a little baby fat.
I went to MV meeting last night too. It was fun. I love when someone new comes with me and is learning about MV because it gets me excited! Last night we had a new lady come and share a story about her mom and how the juice has helped. She said that her mom is severely anemic and the doctors have been trying different prescriptions and diets but nothing was working. The highest the doctor could get her iron level was a 9 and only for a short time. One month on the MV and her iron level was an 11!! Awesome. It was a new story and so I thought I'd share.
Best wished to all!

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The Burr Bunch said...

Hey Inga,
I still love your blog! I love the cute pictures of your kids and the one of Marie and Michelle! I
miss you guys so much already! Well I finally started my blog, but I didn't have your e-mail address, so I'm sending it to you through your blog! Love you!!!