Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I love besides my family:

1. I love game night with my friends or family

2. I love to laugh.

3. I love to dance but don't get the chance much except at home with the kids.

4. I love romantic movies that are G - PG-13.

5. I love ABSOLUTELY love the smell of the rain when a storm is coming.

6. I love to sing but am not that good. I did get the lead in my high school musical but chickened out. But I have not practiced in years so I am not very good now.

7. I love brownie cheesecake!

8. I love to read a good books especially outside or inside next to a window on rainy days.

9. I love lay out in the hot sun next to a swimming pool or better yet the ocean. I know it is really terrible for your skin but it is so relaxing.

10. I love to see my entire family at church together! Pure joy!

11. I love to year my youngest sons voice. He has an Autism Spectrum Disorder and has been silent for many years but now he has started to volunteer words - not just words - sentences!!! I love it!!

12. I love that I am a daughter of God and that he loves me. I love that he has a plan and a purpose for my life and nothing is better than that!

13. I love that I have the privilege of knowing and associating with the most amazing women; be it through church, school functions, our neighbors, the Internet or simply my sisters.

1 comment:

mcewen said...

11. get my vote - it is indeed fabulous when those words start to come, entirely different from how parents with typical children enjoy those first words - such longing for such a long time.
Best wishes