Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just say sorry...

That was all she had to do! My baby girl bit one of my other children and absolutely refused to say sorry. It was 8:20 when it all started. My son came and said she bit me and so she did the marks were there as evidence. I quickly went to my little angel and told her that it was not nice to bite and that she needed to say sorry. She totally refused so she sat in time out for one minute. Then I tried again to get the apology but again she refused. While this little drama is all going on I am getting the three big kids ready for school because we have to leave by 8:40. So I am doing hair and helping to find missing socks, trying to remember if I needed to pack someone a lunch and try to keep it together so that the little angel learns that :
1.She cant bite
2. She has to mind what I ask
3. She needed to apologize
4. She is two and needs to realize that screaming and crying does not mean you get your way

The fact was that I was frustrated and trying to do everything in a calm manner but make my point. I continued to give her the opportunity to apologize and then she sat in time out until I finally had to take the kids to school. She never apologized but taking them to school was enough of a break that I could not start where I left off. I guess no body won in this situation. I know it is just a phase but this is a big one! Only six more months and she is THREE. I try so hard as a parent to be calm, gentle and loving. It is one of those days where you just want to scream!! She is much better now and is sweet as can be.

I hope you are having a great day!

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