Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Catching up

Well I am going to try to catch up on the past 9 days. School is almost out so that means we are having picnics, parties, teacher appreciation and pre wrapped school supplies for next year! SO I have been busy. I took my little guy to the doctor last week because he had been really cranky and just not himself. He also brought me a small orangish brown ball and said it came out of his ear. I checked his ear and sure enough it looked gross. The Doctor said it was impacted and needed to be cleaned. So they cleaned it with ear drops and water. After several rinsings and all kinds of crud coming out of his little ear he announced " all better." She gave me some drops to help keep it clean. I really love my kids doctor she is my age, gorgeous, and just sweet as can be.

Next, we went to the local fair and carnival. It was lots of fun. Everything is over priced and this year because we had so much rain they were not able to put up all of the rides. (Bummer) The kids did manage to have fun and the food was yum. The weather was a little hot but beautiful. I love days when the sky is blue with giant puffy white clouds. I would have been content just to lay on a quilt in the warm sun and watch the clouds roll by.

Mothers day was nice the kids had given me what they made on Friday because they just could not wait. I got beautiful cards and pictures; in chuch they made coupon books and hand flowers. Then on Sunday we had breakfast and went to church. The church service was fabulous. Several dad's read letters that their missionary sons had written to their mothers. (did ya follow that?) I am not a big crier but I felt the tears welling up a couple of times. It was just beautiful. I can only pray that my efforts with my children will prove as fruitful! I hope and pray the lessons that I have been teaching my little angels are building their testimonies of Jesus Christ.

I have not written much because I have been making a blog for one of my best friends. She is moving far far away and I thought that this would be an awesome way to keep in touch. I hope she likes it.

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