Sunday, May 27, 2007

Good Grades!

My lovely daughter did a great job in school this year. She improved consistently through out the year. Her reading and writing have improved and she is doing so good in her math skills. She has made some really good friends and had lots of fun. Her class this year only had 5 girls in it so they were really close as you can tell.

E did a great job too. He read lots of AR books and advanced his reading level a couple of years. His report card was full of what would be the A - B range ( at our school they don't get grades just letters letting you know how well the material is understood). He received an award in Math for mastering 11 levels!

J is amazing, too! He received 4- A's and 2 - B's on his report card! Excellent work! He also received the Citizen of the Year Award for his class. He also got an award for doubling his AR goal.

What can I say my kiddo's are Brilliant, Smart, Beautiful, Funny, Clever, Strong and Sweethearts. Great Job everyone!

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