Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What a weekend!

Last week Scot's uncle Randy died so we spent Saturday at the funeral and then at his Grandpa's house. The funeral was really nice. It was funny, sweet and sincere. Randy was a character so there was lots to talk about. The preacher did a great job and it really blessed those who attended. After the funeral and graveside we went to a church nearby and ate a wonderful lunch that had been provided by members of the congregation. Yummy!! Then we went to Grandpa Joe's house and spent the rest of the after noon there. I was nice because he lives in the country and has cows and goats. The land is beautiful and quiet. It turned out to be a good day of family and fun.

Randy, You will be missed!

Sunday, I got to speak in church. I have not had a chance to speak in church since I was a teenager. It was great, well the opportunity was great and it felt good to be up there. But There were three of us scheduled to speak and so time ran short! I was last so I had to ditch part of my talk to conserve time. So I hope that the idea's that I shared were complete. Everyone in the ward was so sweet and gave lots of compliments. I hope to get the chance to speak again soon! I really love it.

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Lora said...

I'm glad to see the dresses still fit! You're doing so good on your blog. Nice online journaling, easy to keep. Love ya!