Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

This was a terrific weekend. We went to my brothers house. He smoked some ribs, boiled crab legs and home made Mac n Cheese. (Yum) I brought an awesome watermelon and corn on the cob. There was also shrimp. So the seafood lovers in my family ate till they could not move. They rest of us chatted and played on the swing set.

Sunday Church was good. The best part was that every member of our immediate family was there, including Cody. I love filling the large pew.

Monday, we lounged around for the morning and then in the afternoon we went for a family bike ride. The city has recently put in a bike trail that runs close to one of the local highways. We had not been there before and we are always looking for new places to explore. It was SO fun. The trail was beautiful. The weather was perfect but a little thundery. The weather gal said rain was headed our way in a few hour so we thought there would be enough time to do our ride. The ride to went fine the wind was cool and smelled of a fresh rain shower but nothing looked close to us. The trail runs through a flood plain which looks more like a swampy area. It also winds back and forth under the high way. We stopped under the bridges and the kids threw rocks into the water. The flowers along the path were beautiful and my lovely daughters picked small bouquets. We reached the end of our leg of the path and were heading back when the baby girl (who is now totally potty trained) had to go. So I whipped off her pants and let her squat on the side of the trail. Everyone else continued up the trail. She got her pants back on and we continued on. It was only about 3 minutes and the rain started to pour down. I grabbed the little sister and through her in the stroller and ran to catch up with the rest of the family. Fortunately, everyone else had made it under the bridge before the rain started and were mostly dry. Unfortunately, I was running right into the rain and so I was soaked and so was my baby girl because the rain was blowing into the stroller. But wet or not it was lots and lots of fun. The rain just added to the adventure of it all. E thought found a shower of water running off of the high way above and said it felt warm so he decide to step into it and soak himself. He is my adventurous child!

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!

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The Burr Bunch said...

Hey Inga,
Thanks for the other blogs! they look great! Is Michelle moving??? When did this happen? I'm sooo happy that you are in primary now! You will do a great job! I guess we just switched places because I am in nursery now with Brandon (and Jacob). Love you! --Melissa