Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that remind me of my childhood....

1. Dr Pepper in glass bottles

2. Saturday morning cartoons

3. 10 cent bubble gum machines

4. Laundry on the clothes line

5. Houses without Air conditioning - there was air conditioning, we just did not have it

6. Tube tops

7. Drive in movies

8. Jellies - they were the new rage in footwear

9. Velcro on everything

10. Iris - Generations of the women in my family have had Iris flowers in their gardens so just the site of them takes me back

11. Studebaker Cars - It is a family tradition. Some day hope to have one of my own.

12. Barbie - I played with Barbie's alot and now seeing my girls play with them brings it full circle.

13. Cabbage Patch Dolls - total fad - Seemed like everyone had one but me.

14. Smells and sounds of the holidays, any holiday always makes me feel like a kid again.

1 comment:

Montserrat said...

Almost every one of these things reminds me of my childhood too. Especially the air conditioning. We had it but didn't use it except for on Sundays. We lived in Miami at the time and it was HOT! But Sundays we'd crank on the AC before going to church and come home to a freezing house and just sleep. It was great!