Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that scare me :

1. The Lake - I know that it is nice and beautiful but when my son was 2 yrs old we went to the lake. He walked out about 20 ft and fell into a sink hole. Well I got over to where I had seen him bob up but the water was so murky that I could not see him. I just prayed to Heavenly Father ' If you let him pop up one more time I'll get him' and sure enough he popped right up but now I am scarred.

2. Spiders -Just do

3. Crickets - I 've just had too many of them in my hair.

4. Scary Movies - surprise, surprise

5. CSI - Just the music to those shows gives me the creeps.

6. Personal Interviews - It doesn't matter job, church or volunteer. They just stress me out.

7. When I see my child falling and cant get there fast enough!

8. Cold dirty sink water - when I was growing up my mom always was soaking dishes in the sink and I remember one time I reached in to the water and touched a dead mouse, Yuck, just thinking about it gives me the heeby jeebies.

9. Meeting new people - this is just one of those quirks that makes me, me.

10. Buying gas - the price of gas is so high that I just cringe when the total comes up.

11. Losing one of my family members

12. Night mares - When I have a lot of stress I get terrible night mares.

13. War - The war in Iraq seems to be so difficult. For every good stride of success the Insurgents and Taliban seem to react so violently that the hopes of us ever being able to leave seems low. It is sad because there are families in Iraq that want peace and security. The news this morning expressed a concern of the war spreading. I just pray for peace and tolerance of those involved.

I am not really creative so you will have to bare with me and I will try to be more original in my thirteen, :-)