Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

It was Caleb's Birthday this past weekend. We had a family birthday like we always do and it was fun. He has asked the last two months for a Giant Robot. I was so glad that his birthday was finally here so I could get it for him. It was one of those gifts that you know is going to be trash in about a week because it is cheaply made. But he was persistent, I was hoping that he would forget about it so I could get him something better. It was worth every penny when he finally got to open his presents. It was the first gift he opened because he could tell by the size of the box it was the robot. His little face lit up and he laughed with joy. It's funny how joy is contagious. If you see someone, anyone in a true state of joy, you just can't help but smile. It brings a little light in to my life. I love it! I know that the robot will soon be headed to the big trash heap in the sky but that moment of joy in my sons eyes will be forever tucked in to my heart!

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T * R * B said...

I am glad he loved his gift so much. It may surprize you and last a long time. I had a $ .88 plastic sword that lasted almost 2 years.