Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday Two

So often I think that we get to busy to offer kindness to others. I recently gave a talk in church about Brotherly Kindness. It was great because I really had a chance to think about the acts of kindness I have received and given. So I am going to share two that I have received. Hence the Tuesday Two.

1. I was at the grocery store with my two sons one 18 mos and the other just a tiny little guy a few weeks old. I was just finishing up and the baby had just woken up. I don't know how your babies were when you went to the grocery store but every time I went to check out they would wake up and cry, screaming cry. Most of the time it was because they had slept the entire time and were hungry. But I would do my best to console them while putting the groceries on the conveyor belt. This was usually futile and I would give all my attention to get the groceries out of the cart as fast as humanly possible. But one time a sweet angel of a lady came and offered to hold my little one while I attended to the groceries. This was such a blessing it calmed my child and I was able to finish without all of the hurry. I thanked her many times but I don't think it was enough. I decided when my little ones are no longer babies then I will do this for the young mothers that I see at the groceries store.

2. The whole family went to the local whole sale club. They had just recently gotten new baskets which were shallower than the older style. My baby girl was about 11 months old and was riding in the basket . Well a lady pulled out in front of us and I stopped short and my baby fell head first over the front of the basket. She hit her little head on the basket and the cement floor. It was terrible, one of those moments when you see it happening in slow motion. I ran and picked her up trying to sooth her but nothing was working. Then an angel came up our isle, he was a kind man who must have notice the screaming and the distraught look on my face. He quickly came over and began to talk to my little girl. She stopped crying for a moment when he spoke to her. But then he did the most amazing thing, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a balloon. One of those long balloons that you twist into shapes. He quickly made a little lady bug - as he was manipulating the balloon my little injured child calmed. He put it in her hair and made her a flower, too. He made swords for the boys and an other flower for my other daughter. He was an angel and a blessing. He took time out of his day and blessed our family, I will never forget him.

This was fun. I would like to hear a random act of kindness that has been done for you so if you post let me know.


PJ said...

I loved those! There are angels among us.

T * R * B said...

Last week I was we went to the library and loaded up with books. Torin had gotten this little booklet while we were in there. Those Drillers coupon books it was nothing important but we was proud of it. He carried it around "reading It" until we left. I was carrying Tayla, my bag, and a bag full of books. When we hit the parking lot the wind ripped that little paper out of his hands and he started crying screaming my book. This man ran from the parking lot and chased that paper down him. He gave it to Torin and he stopped crying and thanked him. That has a small thing that meant a LOT to a small boy. (and a tired mom)