Saturday, June 23, 2007

BSA Camp Mission Complete

This year of scout camp was totally a success. The leaders were great! They boys did an awesome job! It was hot two days and rained the other three but over all a tons of fun! These are a few pictures of some of the activities they participated in.

E on the zip line, no fear here! E is the boy on the far left.
Check out the little guy on the far right. He is hanging on for dear life. He did eventually go for it after some encouraging words from his fearless leader/mom.

J and E getting a little fishing in. (They are wearing the blue shorts)

J-man is the one in the red hat. He had just picked up his feet and was going for it.

Above J and E are brushing up on their archery skills.

The boys loved this game. It was like hockey only with half of a swim noodle and a tiny little beach ball. This was an awesome way to use up some of that youthful energy.

This was a Webelo Scout project. It was J's turn to drive. There were about 6 of these carts which are scout powered. The carts were raffled off at the end of the day and the pack that helped our boys build this one won our cart. They are an other LDS pack and so they said they would share. SO nice!

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Misty said...

Looks like a blast!