Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thurday Thirteen

Thirteen things that I love about my husband:

1. Patient - When I backed the car into our other car. He didn't get mad at all.

2. Understanding - He is never angry when I bounce a check here and there. I am always upset but he just cruises through it.

3. Good Dad - He will wrestle with them. He plays with them. He, especially with the boys, is able to heal their tender hearts.

4. Talker - He is the chatty one in our relationship. He can carry on a conversation any one he meets. I am quiet until I get to know you well, then I am pretty talkative.

5. Spiritual - He spends many hours in church service and enjoys it. He seeks the spirit and prays often.

6. Supportive - About six years ago my husband injured his back and ended up having fusion done in his lower back. Since then he has had lots of pain and is not getting much better. The MV helps a ton with the sciatic pain. But some of the nerve pain it just can't touch. I realized that he is not going to be able to keep working at his current level. So about two years ago I decided to go back to school. He is amazing! He watches the kids and gets them to bed. He makes dinner. I am just so grateful for all he does to support my school efforts.

7. Quick wit - He is a fast thinker and can get you laughing.

8. Charitable - He always is giving people money or lawn mowers. Usually our lawn mower. He just has a soft spot for the needy.

9. Animal person - He really, really loves animals. They love him too. The dogs are always so happy to see him come home. He loves the outdoors and hunting the big animals.

10. Adventurous - He is a regular Steve Irwin. Last summer a neighbor had warned us about a large snake that had slithered into our yard. I warned the kids not to go out but Scot was out the door. He found the snake, which had clibed the house and gotten into a tree, and killed it. I was a four foot long water mocasin.

11. Gifts - We usually spend most of our money on the kids at christmas so there is not much left. But he always finds something small that I have really been wanting.

12. Brags - I know you are supposed to be humble but it is so nice to have a husband that tells his co-workers what a good cook I am or how "hot" he thinks I am.

13. Loves me - He is the one I get to dance all my dances with. He is the one I sing to. He is the one that makes me feel safe even when he is sleeping. He is the one who comforts me. He is the one....who loves me.


Jen said...

That sure sounds like Scot. He's a keeper. ; ) You guys are just perfect together. I love you both very much. You are (and always have been) someone I truely admire.

wild murdocks said...

Very sweet! I especially likes the patience with the car incident, and him still calling you "hot".

And I like your new profile photo, who is the artist?

Montserrat said...

Nice list! Make sure you show it to him (if you haven't already) so he knows what to keep on doing.

Tigersue said...

You have been added to the Calling All LDS Women blog roll.

BreAnne said...

this made me smile, thats so awesome