Saturday, August 18, 2007

I made it...

through the busiest week ever!

The kids started back to school this week. This was a huge success. Everyone was so excited to go back to school. Mequell missed the first day because of a stomach virus. Caleb's first day was good - he kept saying "no big school." He came out of the school smiling and sharing his adventures at school. Jacob is in the safety patrol and gets to rotate classes since it is his last year in elementary school. Ethan liked his teacher and was happy to find friends in his class. Mequell was thrilled that one of her favorite friends was in her class, too.

I was in charge of distributing pre-ordered schools supplies. One of my good friends passed this job off to me because she moved to Utah. It is not a hard job just time consuming.

I marked clothes for the local JBF Sale. This is a Just Between Friends sale. It is one huge consignment sale. It is fun to shop because it has everything you could possibly want and you earn money from the clothes that your kids have out grown. YAY!! If you don't have one of these locally you should start one. The gals who started ours make tons of money for just a few weeks of work. Also, on the way to drop off my consigned items my little angel threw up in the back seat. It is one of those moments that you are glad you always have a change of clothes in the car.

I took the kids shopping for back to school clothes. This was actually fun. The kids had fun picking out different items and I had fun saying yes!! We live on a pretty tight budget. We have five little ones so we have to count our nickels and dimes, and sometimes pennies. SO when I get to shop with them and let them pick out what they want it is a blast!!

Everyone in the house has had a 24 hour stomach virus. It started early Monday morning and ended with Mequell on Thursday. Luckily it was only about a 12 hour virus. I was grateful that I accomplished so much even with everyone being sick. I am blessed!


Montserrat said...

At least the virus traveled through all of you pretty fast. I hate when it takes weeks to get through everyone.

I loved the caption you came up with for the Pioneer Woman's cow photo. So funny!

Misty said...

We're still stomaching through the stomach flu our selves.

School starts here tomorrow, too. I'll keep you posted.

wild murdocks said...

You sound like an amazing lady to get so much done amidst the sicknesses and to not complain!