Saturday, October 8, 2016

Many things...

Since the last post many things have changed:
1. Pharmacy school - even part time is busy and tough!
2. My two youngest children are now being home schooled for a variety of difficult issues. Which leaves just one in public school.
3. Because of #2 my X has to stay with the kids a majority of the time. He has to teach them and help keep them on track with their studies. This means that I rarely get to see them.  Which is the absolute worst!!  It is what is needed at this point in time but I hate it!!
4. Found job for next summer when we move the kids back home. Yippee!!  I will be a pharmacy intern with Walgreen's.
5. I was speaking to a leader from my church about co-parenting and he said just because we share custody and time with the kids, it does not constitute co-parenting.  He is counselor by profession and he said co-parenting means that you work together to maintain a mutual parenting plan.  This is true. At one point when I stayed with the kids I expected them to do things as we always had but when it was his week, he would say "That's how mom does it." When that started I knew things were headed in the wrong direction.  The church leader gave me a kick in the right direction, I talk with the X and we did come up with some agreed upon rules for the house and kids. This has really helped everything go smoother.  I am still going to have to work on this.

I am struggling with not being with the is such a heartache! But the Lord is continually blessing my every footstep without His hand in my life, the burden would be too great.


Tricia Brue said...

You're doing great. You're a true source of inspiration for me. I know you can make it through all your struggles because I have witnessed the large and small miracles and blessings that Heavenly Father has been continually streaming to you and the kids. That enhances and enlarges the next level of your(and mine as witness) spiritual growth. The Lord opens doors for you and you just step up and faithfully follow Him. I love you eternally.

Tricia Brue said...
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*Merry Girls* said...

Thanks!! Love you lots!!