Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back to school - Heros!

The kids started school last week and I started on Monday.  Pharmacy school just kicks you right back into the thick of things quickly.  We had our first quiz this morning, the 4th day of school. I am feeling a little overwhelmed but I have a super easy semester!  I am only going half time because I have to make up a class.  I was very disappointed at first but now I have adjusted to the situation.

My little angel just does not enjoy going to school. She worries about going to the point that she is in a bad mood most of the time. She does an amazing job at school. She has lots of friends and does well in her studies.  She just does not want to leave the house.

My little guy has had a hard week adjusting to the all day kindergarten.  We have had a few tears but he has been very brave!  His teacher is nice but a little strict.  He loves to be at school with his friends and he enjoys learning.

My little man has done a  great job adjusting to the 7th grade.  He is an Autism Spectrum Disorder kid.  I worry about him attending school and how he deals with the kids.  But he does amazingly well.  He is very responsible and gets his homework done.  I just love his spirit and kind heart.

We all have our own struggles but we all push through.  My kids are my favorite people and definitely my heros!!


T * R * B said...

I am glad everyone is finding there way. Life is a constant battle of good and bad days. You are loved.

*Merry Girls* said...

Thanks! Your support means so much to me!!!