Monday, October 10, 2016

Random things from September!

This is just me and my Little Man.  He brings me such joy!  Life is never dull when he is around!

Our church sponsors monthly dances for youth 14 - 18 years old. They are so much fun!  I try to attend with them as much as possible.  It's so fun to see the girls dance and have fun together.  My Lovely Daughter "Supergirl" does not even mind if I dance with them.
 This is just a cute pic of my Little Man! Ya gotta love those chubby cheeks!!

As a class this is the last semester we will be together. We about 25 of us went out to dinner at an adorable restaurant in the next town.  The food was pricey but delicious and the atmosphere was quaint but fun. These two girls have made my pharmacy life a pleasure.  We have laughed together, spent endless hours in the library studying together and supporting each other.  I love them so much!!

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