Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Spring has arrived!

The weather is absolutely beautiful! We have had to start mowing our lawn. We have been working on tackling those pesky weeds and seem to be winning! I have started turning over the soil in the garden getting it ready for planting. It is fun just to dig in the dirt once in a while. The kids helped me plant the starters in doors and now they are read to be outside.

We have been spending alot of time outside so we have had a chance to get to know our neighbors again! We are so lucky to have awesome neighbors who watch out for our kids. We live on a street where most of our neighbors are older and their kids are grown. But a hand full have kids the same ages as ours.

The kids are getting excited about easter. Mequell has an easter egg hunt today at school. Ethan has one on Thursday but he said that he thinks he is just to old now to hunt eggs. Ha Ha Ha!

Don't forget to take a moment to smell the flowers!
Love to all!

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BreAnne said...

spring left again its snowing >.< but im glad you guys got to work on the yard before this happened