Friday, March 30, 2007

Cody's Arm

Cody broke his arm when he was jumping his friends motorcycle. He had done a couple of jumps already but it was almost time for him to go home. So he thought that he would do a big final jump. His friends stood back with their video camera phones and caught the jump on video but missed the landing. He broke his left arm just above the wrist. He is doing good now. At his last Doctors appointment they just put his arm in the cast so hopefully that means no surgery!!

Teacher Conferences
All of the kids are doing awesome. Jacob's teacher wants to have him tested for the gifted program. She also suggested that he run for student counsel or TV crew next year just to challenge himself. Ethan's standard test came back in the above average in math and very high in reading. Mequell is doing really well, too! She needs to practice reading out loud because she gets really embarassed in class. SO we will be reading alot at home which is great for me because I love to read!! Other than that the teachers always comment on how wonderful and well behaved they are!! But I knew that!!

Blessings to all!!

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Nikki said...

You have the best kids. You are a great mom.