Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What the heck...

...has happened to the weather it has been beautiful with some highs hitting the 80's and just this past friday it was snowing?! I guess you never know what to expect.

Everything is going good. I can feel the pressure of the school year wrapping up. Last night got my first take home test in calculus, yikes. There is only about three weeks left of school and two more test before I'm finished. Calculus is not bad alittle confusing but my instructor always answers any questions. I have been hurrying to get my financial aid paperwork turned in for the fall/spring semesters. I know the school year is almost over but there is just so much you have to do to be ready for the next year.

Scot is loving his new job!! He really likes where he is at and who he works with. What a blessing! The stress level is alot lower, it is just good all around. He is also planning on going turkey hunting this weekend.

I took my two little ones to get shots today. Which I always dread. I know it is painful for them but it causes me to be an emotional wreck. Thank heaven for the combo-vac's that way they get only one or two shots insted of FIVE. They were both so brave not even a tear!! For the past two hour though my baby girl has cried that her leg hurts. :-( Poor little angel.

Cody got his drivers permit last month. SO now he can drive himself to school and work.(when he gets a job) He is already looking for a car or something to drive.

We had a nice Easter! We hunted lots of eggs and ate way to much!!!
The kids had fun playing with cousins.

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BreAnne said...

Let us know how you did on your Calculus test, I never had to take that; but math is hard for me to understand until I do a lot of the same kind of problems. Im sooo happy for Scot liking his new job, It really makes a difference in everything when you arent miserable the whole day at work. Your kids are awesome I cant believe they didnt cry! YAY for Cody! and I had fun on Easter :)