Wednesday, August 10, 2016

That darn tooth!

I have had a painful tooth for a few months.  It was sometime so painful I could not sleep.  The tooth had become so sensitive I was cautious about everything that went into my mouth.  Everything caused it to ache - hot, cold, pressure, and exercise for some reason caused it to be uncomfortable.  I have been through several bottles of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, just to maintain normal daily activities.  

But today I went to the dentist and had the tooth removed.  It is still a little numb but I already feel much better.  It is so great not to be in pain!!!  I am still plagued by the habits of dealing with the painful tooth,  I still tip my head to keep cold drinks away from the absent tooth.  It is pretty comical.

I was extremely nervous about my visit to the dentist.  My anxiety level was super high!  I had a good friend offer me a blessing.  During the blessing he said a host of angels would buoy me up and I would be calm during my procedure. He also said I would not have complications and would have a positive outcome.  It was truly a miracle!  The entire time of my appointment I was able to be calm and to help keep myself relaxed.  I was sure my gag reflex was going to be terrible but I did not have a single issue with it except when he was putting in the stitches.  The entire experience as a true joy and I was very blessed!

Thanks so much - Dr. D - You are the best!!!!!

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