Thursday, February 21, 2008

100th Post part 2

31. When I was a little girl I took gymnastics and loved it. I continued until I broke my arm.
32. In my teen years I took jazz, tap and ballet. Late teens my sister and I took ballroom dancing lessons.
33. The first time I kissed a boy I was 13.
34. The first time I flew in a plane was to Florida and I was 22 years old.
35. Growing up we never had much money and so we never went on vacation. Now with five kids it is still hard to find the money for a vacation. So sad to say I have never actually been on an official vacation.
36. My sister is 13 months younger than me and so we were close growing up, actually she was and is one of my very best friends.
37. My brothers are both geniuses. Lucky for me they married two of the best sister-in-laws ever!!
38. I am not very tidy. I tend to pile things up here and there. I let the dishes set over night sometimes. I don't was the sheets as often as I should. The hard to reach places of my house need a dusting badly. This is an area I am always trying to improve on.
39. I was 17 when I got my drivers license. I failed the test twice. I only passed by one point the last time I took it.
40. I have lots and lots of cousins. I love it! It makes it fun on the holidays. We all get together and laugh and catch up.
41. As a child I was always sick. I think that I had childhood asthma. I was never diagnosed with it but the first 12 years of my life I suffered with chronic Pneumonia. I had Pneumonia 5 times a year until I was about 12- 13. Then it slowly got better. The miracle came when I finally got an inhalor. I wish I'd had one sooner.
42. I collect tins. I have a couple of them that are antiques. Most of them are just pretty.
43. I need sleep. I have to have 8 hours of sleep at night or I am tired all day.
44. I found my first gray hair when I was 31. Since then I have found several more but I pluck them out.
45. I got married when I was 19 to a nice guy but I was just not ready.
46. I am allergic to evergreen trees or bushes. They give me hives.
47. I got the lead in the school musical in high school but I chickened out and ended up quiting the play. My teacher would not give me another part.
48. I am currently 2nd counselor in the primary.
49. I volunteer at the elementary school. I am in charge of pizza days and pre-ordered school supplies.
50. I currently taking Organic Chemistry and Humanities.
51. I drive a tan suburban.
52. My favorite appliance in the kitchen is my kitchen aide mixer. It is just pretty.
53. My favorite candy are M&M's.
54. My favorite drink is Caffine Free Dr. Pepper.
55. My favorite fast food is Taco Bueno's Nacho Salad.
56. My favorite steak place is Texas Roadhouse.
57. My favorite ice cream is Pecan Pralines and Cream. But I love lots of other flavors, too.
58. I love to grill. We just got a new charcoal grill. The other one we had only held 8 burgers. We needed one that would hold 12 and some hot dogs.
59. I am not a big seafood fan. I do like shrimp, crawfish and scalops but that is about it.
60. My favorite salad is Grilled Chicken Ceasar. Lots of food, I guess I'm hungry.


Holly said...

You're almost there! I don't like to dust either, and my sheets don't get washed as often as they should. Fun facts!

wild murdocks said...

Your making me hungry! So many interesting things! I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability, none of our lives are all rosy and perfect! But it sounds like you go with the flow and are a positive, fun person.

I hope you get a real vacation someday soon--sounds like you deserve it!