Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Something nice

Once when I went to the grocery store and it started to rain. I had finished my shopping and was ready to get home. I decided to brave the elements and load the my suburban with groceries in the rain. I scooped up my toddler and put the other one in the basket and made a run for it. Well it was a quick walk because you can't run holding toddler and pushing a full cart. I put the little ones in the vehicle and began to unload my basket. When all of the sudden I noticed an older gentleman approaching holding an umbrella. He said hello and said it looked like I could use a third hand. He then spent the next few minutes holding his umbrella over me while I finished unloading. I thanked him repeatedly and then jumped into the car. I wish that I carried thank you cards or gifts for such occasions but I am not that organized.

I always look for opportunities to serve. Many times I am overwhelmed with the amount of need for service. So I spent my days looking for little ways to serve. I used to be the door lady. I would try to hold the door open for people to go in and out of stores. But as you may know most stores have automatic doors so that is out. It has really made me look for new and different ways to serve.


Holly said...

You know something? I used to think that I was hopeless at service. But, I finally realized that all those little acts add up. Smiling at someone in a store. Letting a car go ahead of you and smiling at them, not grimacing (I'm too guilty of that!), picking up someone's child from school because their home is on your way.

I will always sign up to cook something for someone who is sick or for a funeral, because it's easy, now. It wasn't always easy, because up until 2 years ago, I worked full-time outside my home. At that time I found ways to serve at work or I sent a lot more notes then than I do now.

Thanks for a thought-provoking post!

wild murdocks said...

What a nice memory and thought. How different the world would be if everyone looked for ways to serve one another daily!

Mom not Mum said...

What a sweet memory.