Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Break

It has been a beautiful week. The rain stayed away most of the time and the temperatures were great! We did not do anything exciting but we did what we like to do stay home and play together. We are really home bodies We like to visit places and visit with friends and family but we are always ready to go home!

Cody went to the Doctor on Tuesday and they attemped to set his arm but from what he says they were not successful. Next week he is going back and they will either cast it or schedule surgery.

All of our kiddo's are doing really well in school. Mequell needs alittle more practice reading but other than that they are awesome!! Cody is having alittle trouble with Algebra but improving.

Caleb's speech continues to improve and is independently making and occasional 5-6 word sentence. We have all baby talked him to death and now we are having to make sure to speak to him in complete sentences. I am going to enroll him in the Four Year old Program at school. He should be starting Kindergarten but I want him to have the extra year to develop his speech.

Makenna is really good! She is talking alot too! Sometimes as well as Caleb. She is also going through some Terrible Two issues!

Scot is really enjoying his new job. It is a little adjusting but all for the better. This weekend he helped my brother lay tile in his kitchen.

I am doing OK. I finished my fast track class at school and now I only have Calculus for the rest of the semester. I am busy with the kids and Mona Vie.

I hope and pray all is well with you and yours.

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BreAnne said...

Im glad you guys had a good spring break, and Im glad you made a blog its fun!