Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Chocolate, does Wordful Wednesdays so I thought I'd join in.

Wish upon a a child I remember often wishing for things I did not have. I wished on dandelion flowers, shooting stars, wishbones from turkeys and sometimes just because. Most of the time the wish did not come true. Was I disappointed? No...not really. I guess I was raised to believe that wishes are not magic but that blessings are. I remember wishing for things and then praying for them. Some prayers would be answered the way that I wanted but others were left silent. I was always grateful for the blessings not the wishes.

As an adult I still wish, only now it is different. I wish for things and my analytical mind takes over and comprises plans to accomplish the wish. Maybe a wish is not a wish but a dream. It gives us a glimmer of hope which may cause us to make changes in out lives to attain the wishful dream.

I am grateful that my wishes were not granted. As an adult I am happy, as a child I think I would have been thrilled. But now having a different perspective on life and the paths we choose and the roads we take. I am glad that I did not miss the journey that has made my wish or dream come true. I am happy to have had disappointment because it made the reward that much sweeter. I still make wishes that turn in to dreams. But I don't expect them to come true unless I am willing to work for them. That is kind of sad...maybe I have lost all the magic.?!


Maple said...

Beautiful post. Learning is growing, and growing is learning.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Working hard for something make the reward that much sweeter. Would we appreciate a wish coming true if we hadn't put somw sweat into it? Probably not!

Thanks for participating!

Sarah Bowen said...

This is Sarah Bowen. You may remember me from Playgroup that Lora had at her house a while back. You were so fun to be around and I wish we were able to get to know each other more before we moved. Check out my blog sometime!