Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year

So it is a whole new year. I am guilty of making new years resolutions. I try to set the bar pretty low so I have a chance at succeeding.

My goals last year:

Read the scriptures as a family 5 nights a week - Success!!

Have family prayer in the morning. We do bedtime prayers all the time but the mornings with everyone going to school were a struggle - Struggled but 75% Success!

Be a better friend - Attempted but failed.

Being a good friend takes time and effort. I am sorry to say this but my time is over booked. I try to follow the council directed to us to eliminate activities that are not vital. But with the homeschooling(which is going pretty well), my school, being a mom and wife and taking care of the house I am left with very little free time.

This years resolutions:

Contact my friends by email or phone, once every 2 months.

Eliminate two non vital activities from my schedule.

Regular Family Home Evenings once a week.

I know my lists are not very impressive but they are small steps to a better me.


Steph said...

I think these are very worthy goals! Keep up the good work!

Maple said...

Look at you!!! You made a new post! Cocoa posts a FHE lesson every Sunday or Monday on her blog. They might be helpful sometimes. She's done some cool ones, you could search her site if you need extra ideas. :)

Bre said...

i love your goals! Every little improvement we make is still an improvement. on another note i have seen you twice since i washed the dishes you brought food in and keep forgetting to bring them!!