Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving time thoughts

1. This time every year my husband gets deer fever. It is contagious so you should use care when treating someone with deer fever. The cure for deer fever - gather necessary supplies, say your goodbye's and go in to the wilderness and attempt to shoot Bambi's Dad. Other side affects maybe an uncanny desire to buy everything camo, allowing facial hairs to go uncut, and the spontaneous story telling of the hunts of previous years.

2. The little angel is now almost 3 years old and I can not seem to keep her clothes on. She has seen the boys peeing in the back yard. I guess she thinks this should work for girls too. Anytime she is outside and has to go to the bathroom she whips off all of her clothes and squats. Yep, I know it is atrocious. I am hoping that it is a phase and that she will suddenly become aware of how naked she is. My others ones were about three when they became more modest. So we will have to wait and see.

3. The day after Thanksgiving I shop. The sales that day are awesome. I always save tons of money! So it has become tradition for my MIL and I to go shopping. It is so fun. It is fun to get up early (4:00AM), stand in line waiting for the store to open, and shop! The people are happy to be there, "high" on the shopping adrenaline.
The only downer is the lines are hideously long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we have devised a plan for this, we get in the terribly long line when we first arrive, one of us shops while the other stands in the line and pushes the baskets. So if you can take a buddy, especially to ToysRUs.

4.The kids have been picking out a few items the past few weeks but it has kicked to high gear! Usually the kids pick a few reasonable items. This year, however, my lovely daughter picked the FurReal pony "Butterscotch" that is 250.00. When I said that was pretty expensive she said "Well, Santa doesn't pay for the toys. He makes them." So what do you say to that?


Cocoa said...

We had a daughter try the squatting thing outside several times. She did out grow it fairly quickly, thank goodness!!

I wish I could do the shopping thing the day after Thanksgiving but instead I'll be in my pj's, sipping hot cocoa, and browsing the net for good deals.

Have fun shopping!!

Holly said...

I can't do the day after Thanksgiving shopping thing. I wish I could! I will think of you getting all your good deals though!

Mamita said...

TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! I've never gone shopping after Thanksgiving. I never seem to have money or a babysitter. It would be fun though. I'm thoroughly jealous of you this time. And for that, I hope you daughter NEVER learns to pee inside!!! Ok, that was harsh. Sorry. I'll stop now. I promise.

Misty said...

No, no, no to the horse, BUT.... if you could afford it, It'd be tempted. My 7 year old girl wants one, and she is TOTALLY too big for that thing. Not to mention, I don't spend more then $100.00-$150.00 on each kid, TOPS!

wild murdocks said...

How was the shopping? What did you do about the horse? When our kids ask for outrageously expensive items, we tell them that parents tell Santa what they will allow in their home, and that we don't want spoiled children. We also do only three presents--like baby Jesus who got three gifts. Hopefully we'll get them trained while they're young!