Monday, July 15, 2013

Lil' Angel's bike wreck

Last evening Lil' Angle was riding her bike very quickly down a wet street. She had just said "Mom look how fast I am going." I said "Don't go too fast!!" Unfortunately, just a moment later we hear her screams. Junior and I ran and found her in a puddle of blood. She had broken her two front teeth and busted her lip. She was a mess. We got her to the house and cleaned her up a little. We put her in the car and attempted to take her to a minor emergency. It was 8:30 on Sunday and they were all closed. We went home and planned to take her to the Doctor and Dentist in the morning. She said that her teeth felt loose. She was very brave and both Dr. offices. She will need work done on her broken teeth once the swelling goes down. I hope that everything planned for her goes quickly and easily with little trauma to her spirit.

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